RED fiber vs Sosh fiber: what is the best good internet plan without obligation of the week?

RED is full of options without touching the price of his box. For 23 euros per month, the SFR internet package includes the Debit Plus option (1 Gb / s) and the Unlimited calls to mobiles option at no additional cost. This is not all since the operator also offers a month of subscription. Next to it, we have Sosh, which positions its Internet fiber box at 19.99 euros per month for a year and then 29.99 euros. In the field of non-binding fiber, who stands out? We count the points.

The RED by SFR offer is valid until Monday April 20 next while Sosh’s promo runs until May 13.

Price and lifetime of these promotions

The RED by SFR box is marked as “valid for life”. In other words, you will be billed 23 euros per month for the duration of your subscription until the contract is terminated by the subscriber. In front, Sosh’s internet package price becomes more expensive after one year of subscription. Count 19.99 euros per month for 12 months then 29.99 euros. The price of Sosh’s fiber offer is slightly more advantageous over 1 year, but RED’s promotion is clearly more attractive in the long term. After 2 years, the Sosh package will have made you spend 599.76 euros against 528 euros with RED (free subscription month included in our calculations). Over three years, the bill will amount to 959.64 euros at Sosh against 828 for RED.

RED advantage by SFR

Who has the best speeds?

When the Debit Plus option is not offered by RED, its fiber box allows you to take advantage of a theoretical downlink and upward throughput of 300 Mb / s. The Sosh box displays the same theoretical rates but this week , RED by SFR does not charge the Debit Plus option (5 euros per month usually more). Thus, its box can reach a theoretical flow of 1 Gb / s for download and 500 Mb / s in sending.

RED advantage by SFR

What about unlimited calls?

Basic, RED by SFR and Sosh fiber boxes include unlimited calls to landlines in France and to more than 100 destinations. The two also offer an option at 5 euros per month allowing unlimited calls to mobiles in mainland France and the overseas departments. This week, this option is also offered by RED by SFR.

RED advantage by SFR

What do we watch on TV?

On either side, the TV is optional. At Sosh, you have two possibilities. You can use the Orange TV app (offered on request) to enjoy 72 TV channels on all media except TV or subscribe to the TV decoder + Orange TV app option at 5 euros per month for have access to 160 TV channels on all media without exception.

At RED, there are two options with decoder included at 2 and 4 euros per month which include 35 and 100 channels. SFR scores points with cheaper bouquets of TV channels (2 or 4 euros vs 5 at Orange) and more extensive bouquets offers (sports or movies / series pack) while at Sosh there is no need to pay for access a TV package (but it will only be via the Orange mobile TV app).


Who has the best equipment?

The RED by SFR fiber box presents a recent technical sheet with 5Ghz AC Wifi with 3×3 antennas (1300 Mbps theoretical), 4 Ethernet ports and 1 USB 2.0 port. The decoder (from 2 euros / month) is UHD / 4K compatible and accompanied by an “omnidirectional remote control with integrated AZERTY keyboard”. It can record up to 8 hours of TV content in the cloud.

At Sosh, there is a network box fairly close to RED with Wifi AC 5Ghz with 4×4 antennas (1732 Mbps theoretical), 4 Ethernet ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports. On the other hand, Sosh’s Livebox 4 goes a little further on the TV decoder side. If you have subscribed to the TV option at 5 euros, you will benefit from a UHD / 4K compatible decoder which integrates Dolby Atmos technology as well as an 80 GB hard drive.

Advantage Sosh

RED always on top on fiber without commitment

When RED integrates the Debit Plus and Unlimited Calls to mobiles options for free in its no-obligation fiber package at 23 euros, the latter is unbeatable and this is the case this week without forgetting that the operator also offers a month of subscription. If the equipment of the Sosh fiber “Box” is more interesting, it does not manage to make the weight with its limited theoretical flows and its price which will increase by 10 euros after the first year of subscription.


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