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Summer has already set in, the opportunity to resume walks in nature. And what could be better than an electric bike to enjoy it in comfort? Manufacturer Gogobest again reduces prices for latecomers!

Some bike for sport, others just for fun, to relax and get some fresh air. And what could be better for such walks than an electric bike! Personally, I’ve rediscovered my taste for cycling since I bought mine :D Of course, such a bike has its price, but today you can take advantage of very good deals! Here are 4 of them on Gogobest, which offers very beautiful models, powerful, with good autonomy.

Bezio X1500: a monster of power

The Bezior X1500 is an “adventurer” model, how I love them! With its fat tires (26″ x 4″) and powerful 1500W motor, nothing can stand up to it! It is capable of a top speed of 40 km/h and offers a good range of 100 km in assist mode thanks to a 48 V 12.8 Ah battery (45 km range in 100% electric mode without pedaling). The battery, waterproof, is built into the frame, so it is completely protected. However, it can be easily disassembled to charge anywhere.

Large LCD screen allows you to monitor battery level, speed, distance traveled, and change mode (speed, pedal assist, 100% electric, etc.)

In stock, priced at 1358 euros instead of 1999 euros, this is a great deal for a bike that is not afraid of anything!

Bezior X1500

Also save 100€ on the purchase of these 3 products: BEZIOR X1500 + Bezior ebike battery + BEZIOR rear rack for X series ebikes.

Bezior XF200: smaller but stronger

The second model is the Bezior XF200, which is just as strong thanks to its large 20″ x 4″ tires. A slight reduction in power from the motor, which draws “only” 1000 watts, but in return its 48V/15Ah battery will allow it to travel up to 130km with support. In addition, we find almost the same specifications as the X1500, but suddenly with a slightly more affordable price, since the Bezior XF200 costs 1299 euros (instead of 1899 euros).

Bezior XF200

Also save 100€ on the purchase of these 3 products: BEZIOR XF200 + BEZIOR XF200 battery + BEZIOR rear rack.

Gogobest GF600

With the Gogobest GF600 we keep the 1000W motor but go back to 26″ fat tires (about 4″ wide). The 48 V / 13 Ah battery allows you to drive up to 110 km using the pedals.

It is offered at a price of 1291 euros instead of 1699 euros.

Gogobest GF600

Also save 100€ on the purchase of these 3 products: GOGOBEST GF600 + BEZIOR Smart Bike Pump + GOGOBEST Rear.

Bezior X500 Pro: the most affordable

Finally, the latest and most affordable model offers 26-inch tires, but this time in a “regular” format. Its 500W motor is definitely less powerful than the previous ones, yet will let you pedal 100km thanks to the 48V/10.4Ah battery.

Offered for just €985 instead of €1399, this is a high performance electric bike at a great price!

Bezior X500 Pro

Note that you will also receive a free gift: a bicycle tail light (worth 10.99).

Another offer without a code is also available: 1015.98 euros for the purchase of BEZIOR X500 PRO + BEZIOR rear rack (i.e. saving 50 euros).

All bikes shown here are available in multiple colors that can be found on each model page. Free and fast delivery from the warehouse in Poland, so no additional costs are expected (customs are not added).

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