Réglo Mobile 40 GB plan reduced to less than €8 –

Réglo Mobile is still little known to the general public. But with the offerings it currently offers, MVNO will soon make a name for itself in the mobile plan market. Among the offers not to be missed on the operator’s website, it is hard to miss the 40 GB package for 7.95 euros per month. This is an attractive price considering the internet envelope and the services it offers. However, it is not limited to one year, allowing subscribers to save beyond the traditional promotion period.

40 GB in 4G+ on SFR network

This Réglo Mobile plan is offered for less than 10 euros per month, which puts it in the category of low-cost mobile plans on the market. At this price, it will suit a variety of consumer profiles, including teenagers and students. And there can be no question of compromise. With 40 GB of mobile data, this offer will cover most of your needs: surfing the web, social networks, email, music, and even video streaming at certain times.

Travelers will also not need to purchase a new mobile data plan when traveling within Europe and overseas departments. Réglo Mobile offers you 8 GB of data to use in these destinations. Remember, however, that this amount will be deducted from your data plan. Plus, you get unlimited calls and SMS/MMS just like you would in mainland France.

One of the advantages of this Réglo Mobile package is the quality of the network used. Recall that this is a virtual mobile operator. It does not have a network infrastructure but rather uses SFR antennas which provide very wide network coverage in France.

The fact that it is optional also allows you to remain free to change offers at any time and cancel them at any time without telling anyone. Of course, you can also ask to keep your current phone number when you subscribe. However, to do this, try to bring the RIO code (Operator Identification Card) with you, which you can get for free by calling 3179.

Finally, despite being an MVNO, Réglo Mobile provides its subscribers with local customer service available at over 600 E.Leclerc centers in France. You can even pay your monthly subscription manually at one of these hubs.

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