Regulation of the electricity sector: Anare-Ci agents trained in the ethics of their professional obligations

In accordance with the electricity code and the law on the operation and organization of the National Regulatory Authority for the Electricity Sector of Côte d’Ivoire (Anare-Ci), part of the personnel of said Authority must take an oath. These are in particular personnel working in the field of control and resources, as well as personnel responsible for fact-finding missions on the ground. The oath or oath is defined as a solemn act of solemn promise that a person makes before undertaking the tasks inherent to a certain position or function. To train Anare-Ci agents in the oath, a workshop was organized this Thursday, September 30, 2021 in Abidjan-Plateau. They passed, on this occasion,Check oath procedures. The swearing-in process was explained to them.

The CEO of Anare-Ci, Amidou Traoré indicated that the swearing-in process is a four-phase process. Namely, the constitution of files, the formation, the presentation of files in the registry and the taking of the oath itself. “The second step, namely this training, will allow the staff to know what the oath is, its importance and requirements. It will also strengthen the professionalism and credibility of the Anare-Ci staff, ”said Amidou Traoré, who urged listeners to follow this training with great interest.

The president of the Anare-Ci regulatory council, Maître Youssouf Fofana, welcomed this initiative which, he said, aims to return this administration to quality services, that is, to allow it to respond to the expectations of users. “It is about training agents in the ethics of their professional obligations so that they can measure their duties and obligations for a qualitative return to people’s satisfaction. It is also about officially launching the process of taking office of the officials in charge of regulating the electricity sector. Our vision is to make Anare-Ci a benchmark regulator in Africa and around the world ”, said the president of Anare-Ci.

For this transfer of knowledge, an internal expert has been selected who will help prepare Anare-Ci agents for a better performance of their work in accordance with the legislation that governs their sector and in accordance with the existing standards in this matter.

Irène BATH


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