Reigns trailer (and many more) launches on Apple Arcade

Reigns is a game released on PC and mobile in August 2016 and which has had its small success, several sequels having emerged since. At the beginning of April 2021, he arrives on Appel Arcade, but he is far from the only one.

Reigns invites you to take the place of sovereign having to make a multitude of decisions influencing the rest of the story, simply by “swiping” to one side or the other of your screen: the Tinder of the narrative game, in short. Well know that Apple Arcade subscribers can now enjoy it. The paid service (5.99 euros per month) of the American giant bringing together nearly 200 mobile games thus acquires 32 new games, some of which are exclusive. The list of the set can be viewed on the Apple Arcade page.

As for Reigns, it’s still available on PC, Android, iOS, and Google Stadia.

By Rob_Bellamy, Writing


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