Release date, trailer, gameplay … Everything we know about a possible Alan Wake 2

By Alexandre manceau

11 years after a first adventure which was a huge success, the return of the tormented writer Alan Wake is still pending. Despite some rumors and slight teasings in the productions of Remedy, an Alan Wake 2 seems remote for the moment …

A game that had largely contributed to the success of the Xbox 360

It will surely give many of you a violent blow, but Alan Wake will soon turn 11. In May 2010, Xbox players discovered the misadventures of Alan Wake, successful author of crime thrillers but suffering from the blank page syndrome. While on vacation in the peaceful town of Bright Falls, everything changes when the writer’s wife disappears: a vast investigation ensues in a strange region while a dark force weighs in throughout the adventure. Voted “Game of the Year” by Time magazine, the title of Remedy Entertainment had also been a nice public success and had thus contributed to the success of the Xbox 360, of which here are the 10 best games in the history of the console. Note that Alan Wake was released on PC in 2012 and then on Xbox One in 2016 via backward compatibility …

Alan Wake’s comeback teased since 2016

Despite this success, as well as two DLCs and a spin-off that did not leave good memories, the tormented writer never reappeared or gave a sign of life. Since 2013, the rumor of an Alan Wake 2 spread but nothing helped, especially since Remedy got down to its new franchise: Quantum Break (2016). A title which also offered a big surprise to fans of Alan Wake, since a short teaser present in the game released a huge bomb: “Alan Wake will come back”. In Control, the last game of Remedy, we even discovered the existence of a Remedy-verse (a bit like the Marvel Cinematic Universe), either a shared universe where Alan Wake, Quantum Break and Control coexisted.

A development launched in spring 2021?

If some do not believe in it too much, a bit like a possible Metal Gear Solid 6, hope returned in 2019, when Remedy has reclaimed the operating rights for the license from Microsoft. At that time, Sam Lake, who had worked on the first game, even dropped a bomb by announcing that an Alan Wake 2 was in development. A few months ago, we learned that Epic Games and Remedy were going to collaborate on two games: an “AAA” and a less ambitious game.

And a few days ago it is an insider named Jeff Grubb who announced in his Game Mess Show on Twitch that the first of these projects would be none other than Alan Wake 2! A newcomer from an insider always very well informed, and who will certainly delight more than this bomb concerning GTA 6 … In addition, we learn via the insider that the first of these two games would go into full production in spring 2021.

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