Remdesivir not recommended by the WHO: Didier Raoult loses his best enemy

The professor and his supporters ensure that the “system” attacks hydroxychloroquine to better support the Gilead laboratory. A plot denied by the WHO.

Didier Raoult and his supporters lose their best enemy. Rendered Friday, the negative opinion of the World Health Organization (WHO) on remdesivir is a “major setback” for Gilead, as the Express explained. But it is, paradoxically, also a defeat for the conspiracy theories around hydroxychloroquine. For lack of evidence of any efficacy, the WHO “advises against” the use of this antiviral from the American laboratory. Its panel of experts was based in particular on the provisional results of the randomized trial Solidarity, supervised by the WHO. On November 15, they indicated that there was no benefit from remdesivir against Covid-19. In addition, the drug has many drawbacks: the possibility of causing “significant side effects”, a heavy protocol in terms of resources and logistics since remdesivir is administered intravenously, and a high price (one treatment of five days costs around 2000 euros).

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