Remedy unveils a PSOne version of Control in gameplay video

The first of April obliges, and despite a general atmosphere not necessarily a joke, many brands and other game development studios have been going there since this morning with their little prank. While the quality of these accomplishments varies significantly from joke to joke, there are some efforts worth noting. This is the case of the one produced by the famous Finnish studio.

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Remedy Entertainment is making new headlines today. And this time, it’s totally wanted on the part of the studio. Indeed, Remedy has just released a video that it presents as a gameplay teaser for the PlayStation (1) version of Control. History to go there deep in its joke, the studio affirms that this version dates from 1996.

As logic dictates, Control visually takes a nasty blow for the purposes of this demo. And aliasing and limitations aside, we have to admit that a lot of work has been done here. The rendering is more convincing than that proposed by certain false “PSOne demakes” which appear regularly on the Internet.

A really playable demo?

For only information regarding this 32-bit version of its game, Remedy has indicated that the creation of this port was carried out by Tommi Saalasti, his real “main gameplay designer.“Stay and see if this is the truth or a joke within a joke.

With the joke recently aired, Remedy has yet to explain how it went about it. We do not know for example if the thing really runs on a PlayStation or if the demo is playable on PC, or the time taken to create this video. It remains to be seen if Sam Lake’s studio will release more information about their April Fools’ Day in the coming days.

What do you think of Remedy’s April Fool’s Day 2021? Do you find the rendering of this “PlayStation version” convincing? Would you like to play it? Give us your opinion in the comments below.

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