Remote work: the keys to choosing the right server

Among the many lessons that could have been learned from this absolutely historic first semester of 2020, there is one that prevails over all the others: whatever happens (and anything can happen!), Nothing should hinder the continuity of your activity.

Once this principle is accepted and because your employees must be able to work from your premises or their homes without affecting their ability to access their favorite tools or their data, it is a matter of providing your company with a perfectly sized server. .

Your first criterion: the comfort of your employees

Whatever your technological maturity or your personal taste for IT issues, you can be perfectly involved in the choice of a server. How? ‘Or’ What ? Quite simply by first worrying about the reality on the ground. As a business manager you are the guarantor of the efficiency of your employees.

You know their missions, their needs, the tools you have made available to them and their daily expectations. This knowledge of your business is the first asset that guarantees you to take the best arbitration. The first element of choice of a server is the experience it will deliver to your employees in their daily remote practice.

Fluidity, responsiveness, versatility, ability to process multimedia flows, videoconferencing or even to manage large data flows or cloud applications …, start by taking stock of the uses of your teams. It is an essential prerequisite which does not imply being an IT expert, but rather being an expert in your profession.

Power and scalability

When the business uses are clearly defined, it becomes easier to make technical choices, first and foremost being the power of the processor.

It is this component that conditions the fluidity of the user experience on a daily basis. But it does not act alone, it will also be a question of providing your server with a suitable amount of RAM and hard disks (SSDs) fast, light and low power consumption. The servers are available in the form of towers or racks.

The former can be deployed anywhere, they are quiet, scalable and mobile. The Rack servers will take place in a server room.

Control your budget

In any case, the budget always ends up weighing your choices. Beyond the purely technical questions, players such as Dell have developed adapted financing solutions that allow you to have the best of technology while preserving your cash flow.

The goal? Optimize the TCO of your IT equipment to once again focus on your core business. To translate your field reality into technical characteristics (RAM, HDD, IDRAC, etc.), you can benefit from the support of Dell advisers.

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