Rent luxury residences without paying: impossible to stop House Bougon

The family, for whom renting luxury homes without paying seemed a way of life for years, perpetuates their scheme with impunity, much to the chagrin of many defrauded owners.

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Since March alone, the Tsoukalas have been kicked out of rented residences in Montreal and Laval at least four times due to significant late payments and false claims.

Aristidis Tsoukalas, 36, appears to be behind the ruse.

The magazine also went public with its maneuvers in 2019, when it alone amassed a $65,000 debt in unpaid luxury home rent. Even if only his name appeared in the leases and in the decisions of the Administrative Housing Tribunal (AHT), even then it seemed that members of his family were involved in the coup. The deceived owners told us, in particular, that the grandmother appeared in a wheelchair during visits, perhaps to evoke sympathy, while Le Journal saw her shortly after she walked effortlessly.

However, after the media coverage of his story and the publication of his identity, Aristidis Tsoukalas seemed to find it more difficult to use his name to continue his scheme. [voir autre texte]

So since then, her father, aunt and grandmother have signed leases for the houses that the whole family moves into. This ruse seems to have become a real way of life for this family, against whom many judgments have been piling up in TAL since 2010.

Hoping to stretch the deadline as much as possible, Aristidis Tsoukalas multiplies false excuses and lies to justify his many late payments.

Fake Documents

Only this year there were many evictions of Tsukala. In March, they had to leave the luxurious residence they occupied on the Rivière des Prairie, in the St. Dorothy area, in Laval.

“They gave us a forged Equifax report for dad. We later found an article about them,” said the real estate agent, who preferred not to be named.

In May, Aristidis Tsoukalas’ aunt and grandmother this time signed up for a lease on a residence at Dollars de Ormeau in Montreal, for which the rent was about $5,000 a month. As always, the whole family seemed to occupy the premises. The owner, who lives on the street, received information from neighbors.

“After receiving several bad checks, the bank told me they were scammers,” says one who prefers not to be publicly associated with the story.

While he was trying to get the TAL to evict them, the Tsoukalas decided to sneak out of the premises.

“They left with all the furniture and appliances,” says the owner. I estimate the cost at about $30,000. When the neighbors informed me that it was on, I informed the police and they said there was nothing they could do. To this day, I have no idea where my things are.”

On the phone, Tsoukalas admits he made “mistakes in renting” but swears he didn’t steal the furniture.


In August, they rented a new residence for the engaged couple in Laval.

“We bought this house to move in after our wedding next year,” explains co-owner Abhiraami Sriranganathan. In the meantime, we wanted to rent it, but had the misfortune to stumble upon it.

This time, Aristidis Tsoukalas allegedly used a fictitious name; This is a former Crown Attorney. After showing a very convincing ID, Equifax’s excellent credit report and salary certificate, the lease was signed. Faced with a significant delay in payment, the real estate agent hired by the engaged couple began investigating the landlord and found the real person whose identity had been usurped. Ironically, shortly before this, the man had already filed a complaint with the Montreal police for identity theft.

After many steps and great difficulty, the couple managed to evict Tsukala from their home.

On the day they were kicked out, they headed to another house in Laval, where they had signed a lease a few days earlier, still under an assumed name. However, the young couple’s real estate agent followed them and alerted the owners. Faced with pressure, Tsukala agreed to terminate the lease and leave without making a fuss.

All agents and owners interviewed by Le Journal cannot understand how this family can continue this “lifestyle” and never get caught, even if several complaints have been filed with the authorities. The Laval and Montreal police departments were content to report that the files were under investigation, Le Journal has learned.


  • His wife has cheated on him and he has to move as soon as possible due to the tense climate.
  • His grandmother died, he is in all the states.
  • Meets with lawyers to finalize a divorce, and the network in their offices doesn’t work well.
  • Is on the plane, bank transfer does not work.
  • Is in Ontario for work and does not have access to their accounts.
  • Unable to call back due to more difficult weather.
  • Blames his accountant, calling her a “bitch” to justify his late payments.
  • Refers agents to an accountant he has never dealt with.


Aristidis Tsoukalas

  • Luxurious $1.3 million waterfront residence in St. Dorothy, Laval.
  • Dropped March 2022
  • $16,000 unpaid rent


Aristidis Tsoukalas

  • A $1.2 million home in the Dollar de Ormeau neighborhood of Montreal.
  • Dropped September 2022
  • Nearly $15,000 in unpaid rent


Aristidis Tsoukalas

  • Newly renovated home for almost $650,000 in Laval’s St. Dorothy area.
  • Evicted in October for non-payment of rent and false representations


Aristidis Tsoukalas

  • $1.1 million house in Laval-sur-le-Lac, Laval
  • Terminating a lease under duress in October after an agent discovered he provided false documents and ID.

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