Repression in pedophile circles: the profiles of the accused will surprise you…

This was reported on November 16 by the newspaper Le Parisien. The police carried out a series of arrests of child pornography lovers. There are forty-eight of them, all men arrested in less than a week. What was found on their hard drive is heartbreaking: images and videos of pornographic acts, as well as scenes of violence and abuse of young children. An investigation is now underway to find out if these people were directly involved in the torture or rape of children. Forgive me for sharing these embarrassing details, but I think it’s important to measure the permeability between image or video consumption and acting out, and between rape and torture. When it comes to children, things obviously get particularly nasty, but the police have reported in the past that you can indulge in a live rape of a child on the dark web for a handful of dollars. decorated with à la carte torture. These things are usually made in Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam or the Philippines.

No social conclusion can be drawn from the profiles of the accused: he is moving from unemployed to CSP+, police say. This is not surprising, because pedophilia, like other deviations, is clearly not the prerogative of this social environment, no matter what the clichés think (one way or another). On the other hand, it should be noted that some of them work in the field of national education or in the field of child protection, that some of them are considered foster families and that several municipal councilors, as well as the mayor of the municipality, are also part of this lot. . And there… we won’t know anymore.

Imagine for a second, my readers, that among these potential monsters (to whom we must continue to apply the presumption of innocence because there is always the possibility of miscarriage of justice) imagine I was saying that we find a priest on the list. We would already know his name, the parish he serves, the Bishop de Moulin-Beaufort would be interrogated, and the micropavement within a radius of 2 km around his church would alert the parishioners. The fact that we don’t know more proves that (for once at this point, I’d like to say) the clergy are not concerned with this scandal. Imagine again that one of these defendants… is on the far right. I mean fascists, of course. Otherwise, the press would not be surprised, since these people have all the vices and we would probably have, again, perhaps not his name, but his political party, his history of connections on the Boulevard Voltaire, Le Salon beige or what i know. We would question the Current Values, which the civic collective would paint over as a “pedophile newspaper.” Nothing. Again, the default impression is that there are no right-wing activists on this nefarious list.

Curious all the same these double standards. It’s the same with the news: we know that Nordal Lelandays was a soldier, but we have no right to determine the origin, religion, or motives of the individuals who inflicted the “throat wounds.” However, we would like to know what are the political advantages of the accused elected officials and in which commune they were elected. We would like to know in which institutions the accused teachers worked. We would like to know, while we are doing this, whether the National Education was already aware of such facts, and if so, what measures were taken to keep them from children. Ask your teacher friends, like me: such profiles exist (and this is not uncommon) and they are often transferred, and quite simply, without any other form of proceedings (it’s a matter of talking about it).

A word in conclusion. Pedophilia in the church is seen by many as systemic. On the other hand, the condemnation of the repetition of such perversions among the political elite or the teaching staff is conspiratorial for the media. It’s still interesting. At a time when the Church of France offers an ugly spectacle, many associate the celibacy of priests with pedophilic acts, as if celibacy would naturally lead to perversions. So, the next time we talk to you about this theory as obvious, suggest that we finally sanction the marriages of teachers or elected officials in order to be absolutely sure that such sinister machinations will not happen again. Guaranteed effect.

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