Research: who are digital nomads?

If a digital nomad provides himself with a comfortable salary, he mostly chooses destinations with a relatively low cost of living.

Thus, the preferred countries for these workers are: Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, Spain, Colombia, Portugal. And since there is a digital nomad… a nomad.

On average, they stay in 3-4 countries per year. And to choose your future destination, there are several criteria such as a good internet connection, a pleasant climate, an affordable cost of living, and easy access to a visa (or no visa at all).

Only 12% stay in one place for 3 months.

To break down preconceived ideas, traveling and working around the world also brings up some existential questions.

Thus, digital nomads also face challenges such as inability to disconnect from work, insecurity, loneliness, as well as potential financial hardship.

They have 55% to save money for retirement. This post-career is a source of major concern for the community (65%).


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