Resident Evil 3: Capcom Launches Player Survey

Available since Friday, Resident Evil 3 allows Capcom to offer a new remake after the success after the 2019 version of Resident Evil 2.

A few days after the release, Capcom posted a survey of Resident Evil 3 players, to which you can access, as long as you read English. Besides the classic questions revolving around our habits, the editor asks a question about the remakes. The latter seeks to know to what extent the players would be ready to buy remakes of old games.

If a new remake of the “Resident Evil” series is released, would you like to buy it?

  • I will buy the game even if I have to buy a new console
  • I will buy the game if it can be played on the console I own
  • I will wait and consider buying after the outing
  • I don’t plan to buy the game, but I want to play it
  • I don’t want to play it anymore

In addition, the publisher seeks to know if the players are ready to buy a continuation of the Resident Evil series. This does not confirm anything, but does however echoing the various rumors currently surrounding Resident Evil 8. As a reminder, the title seemed to be set to become Resident Evil Revelations 3 before finally becoming an episode of the main series. For more information on this subject, we invite you to consult the dedicated article, the link of which is displayed below.


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