Resident Evil 7, walkthrough: find all our guides before leaving Resident Evil Village

News tip Resident Evil 7, walkthrough: find all our guides before leaving Resident Evil Village

The highly anticipated Resident Evil Village (or Resident Evil 8) is coming in a week! In the meantime, how about diving back into the early adventures of the protagonist, Ethan Winters? Rediscover now Resident Evil 7, available on the PlayStation Plus Collection and on the Xbox Game Pass, with its complete solution!

Are you looking forward to Resident Evil Village? How about jogging your memory a bit while waiting, by remaking Evil 7? The previous episode of the famous Capcom series is also played in FPS view and features the same protagonist, enough to offer you the ideal booster shot. Better yet: it is currently offered to PlayStation 5 players with the PlayStation Plus collection (and PlayStation 4 compatible if they also have one) as well as to Xbox players via Game Pass (RE7 is therefore playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series. ). Do not hesitate to bring our complete guide to Resident Evil 7 to survive in the best conditions this adventure as oppressive as it is fascinating!

Resident Evil 7 Full Story Solution

In our Resident Evil 7 scenario walkthrough, you will find our detailed guide to all the chapters of the game in order to be able to finish it in the best conditions:

Walkthrough of additional content of Resident Evil 7: DLC and prohibited videos

RE7 was enriched in February 2017 with the first DLC, each offering 2 new cassettes including sequences and puzzles teaching us more about the game’s horrible family, but also a new game mode every time. At the end of December 2017, the game received its last 2 expansions, this time each offering a new story to discover taking place after the end of the adventure. We offer you our Resident Evil 7 DLC guide in our in-game walkthrough:

Secret weapons guide and unlockable upgrades

You can find on the pages below our guides to RE7 secret weapons and their upgrades to unlock in Capcom’s survival horror:

Resident Evil 7 Collectibles Guide

Like all episodes of the franchise, Resident Evil 7 contains several categories of collectibles to collect, whether it is to deepen the lore of the game or to obtain significant advantages for exploration and / or combat. In our Resident Evil7 collectibles walkthrough, we tell you what they are used for as well as where and how to find them:

To read also:

Summary of our complete guide to Resident Evil 7

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