Resident Evil 8 Village does not appear to be scheduled for PlayStation VR

So, above all, don’t start cutting your veins! We remind you that Resident Evil 8 Village is basically a developed game for the PS5, it uses many advantages of the SSD of the latest console from Sony. The developer Capcom had also specified several months ago that they did not know if they would manage to port the game to a PS4 version. We know today that Resident Evil 8 Village is coming to the PS4 but its incompatibility with the PlayStation VR is not much of a surprise. If the game is already struggling to run flat, it won’t be able to run in VR!

Let us not forget either that a software, that is updated. The source code therefore indicates the characteristics of the software in its current state. Finally, this in no way calls into question the very high probability that Resident Evil 8 Village either one of the launch games for the next VR headset PSVR2 from PlayStation!

With resident Evil, Capcom play with the nerves of his VR fans! Every news on this title and it’s the emotional lift! But the release of a VR version of Resident Evil 8 Village in VR remains obvious… the opposite would be a real real disappointment and an incomprehensible choice on the part of Capcom!

Frankly… we are pretty Zen about it!

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