Resident Evil Village Gold Edition Review – Xbox One

We are not going to redo the base game test, this test has already been brilliantly done by Lorris. You can find it here if you like. We’ll come back to it later because it includes a big innovation: third person view. It’s perfectly playable and has the merit of offering a new point of view. However, this addition is marred by a few small drawbacks, such as slight clipping of distant elements in the decor, a consequence of the increased field of view.

There is also the option to never show Ethan’s face during the game. Indeed, if you rotate the camera and place it in front of you, Ethan will turn around to recover from his back. Moreover, cutscenes remain in first-person view. These two facts are definitely due to technical/budget constraints: there is no need to animate Ethan’s face if you can’t see him. And even if it reminds us that the game is meant to be played in first person, we have to admit that this choice makes sense for the main game. That being said, the same applies to his appearance in the DLC. And there is no logical reason for this, especially since the tricks used to hide his face are, in this case, simply ridiculous.

Family business

Most of this Gold Edition rose shadow, a campaign featuring Ethan’s daughter. The action takes place 16 years after the events RE8, this new scenario invites us to follow a young girl who is looking for a way to get rid of her powers. And by script trick, which we won’t spoil here, she ends up in the village. RE8hoping to find the object of their search there. Thus, this DLC provides an opportunity to visit iconic places from the original game again. But don’t expect you to get your bearings yet, these various decorations have been altered by an unknown evil force. Luckily, she can count on a mysterious entity (whose nature you’ll guess in a maximum of 22 seconds) to come to her aid through the messages that appear in front of her.

This extension clearly does not shine with its script. As a starting point, however promising, Capcom is developing a completely conventional scenario. The heroine is unbearable, it is difficult to sympathize with her, and, in addition, some artistic predilections harm the narrative, sometimes going so far as to break the emotional intensity of the scene. It’s really a shame because the DLC offers some highly visible episodes with a well defined atmosphere that gives it a real personality. As for the gameplay, I will say simply: it is soft. Rose moves at a very low speed, even while running. The shootouts also lack zest. Even the powers are slowly used up, forcing you to charge them for long seconds before they take effect.

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition

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