Resident Evil Village Mercenaries Additional Orders

Tsuyoshi Kanda, producer of Resident Evil Village, revealed more details on the upcoming release of additional Mercenary Orders for Resident Evil Village on the official PlayStation Blog this week. The new content will officially launch on October 28, 2022, and preorders are now available for the Winters expansion as well as the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition.

To learn more about the new playable characters in the Mercenary Extra Orders and a special prepurchase bonus item, as well as a bit of gameplay, check out the trailer embedded below, or check out the Official PlayStation Blog by following the link below.

Resident Evil Mercenaries Additional Orders

“The first character is someone many of you know very well: the hero of the entire series, Chris Redfield. As a legendary hero, Chris uses many types of firearms as well as his great strength. When you destroy enemies using Chris, his charge bar increases. Once it is full, you will be able to activate its unique attack mode. In this mode, Chris’s movement speed, reload speed, and attack damage are greatly increased, and you can fully control the battlefield. If you can defeat the enemy with a direct strike, you will also receive a significant boost to the charge meter. “

“The second is Karl Heisenberg, one of the four lords who serve Mother Miranda. This character wields a huge hammer and also has the ability to manipulate magnetic forces. You can charge electricity by swinging it around with your hammer and slamming it into the ground, then unleash all that energy to deal damage over a wide area. By activating the Heisenberg magnetic field, you can pull the enemy towards you. Some attacks also become more powerful when affected by the Magnetic Field.”

“The third and last character is everyone’s favorite, Alcina Dimitrescu! She is also one of the four lords serving Mother Miranda. Over nine feet tall, Lady Dimitrescu cuts through enemies with her heels. Her unique Thrill Gauge increases when she attacks enemies or uses the Women’s Lipstick item. As the thrill bar increases, Lady Dimitrescu’s movement speed and nail damage increase, and new moves are unlocked. When the gauge is depleted, her damage will also be at its peak.

Source: Sony

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