RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE, the eighth official episode now available [Actus Jeux Vidéo] Freakin Geek

Direct continuation of the story of the seventh part, Resident Evil Village we will find us three years later, Ethan Winters and his wife Mia now parents of a little girl. Left to live in Europe to escape the nightmare they lived, they will see their life turned upside down again when Chris Redfield is going to barge into their home to kidnap their daughter. Waking up in a strange village on the edge of a huge castle, Ethan will have to face ferocious creatures again to try to find his daughter.

How not to think about Resident Evil IV with this return to Europe of the saga in Resident Evil Village ? Even though we switched to first person view, the game will remain true to its gameplay mechanics. Armed with a simple knife and various firearms which it is necessary to know how to save ammunition, the player will have to explore this village to carry out his investigation by collecting clues and solving puzzles. As always, different creatures will stand in your way, including the disturbing Lady Dimitrescu.

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