Resident Evil Village: Xbox Series X vs Xbox One comparison. Does the grandmother still have legs? – Xbox One Mag

Resident Evil Village Its release date is approaching and as true as one wonders if one will be blown away by the Xbox Series X | S version, one cannot help but wonder about the viability of the game on the Xbox One side. With a machine that has now more than 7 years on the ball joints, will Resident Evil eighth of the name have the necessary space to offer us the experience that we expect of it?

Before all this can be verified with a great deal of comprehensive testing, Creasy Buscemi offers us a first element of answer. In this new video, the same gameplay footage is seen consecutively and simultaneously on Xbox Series X and Xbox One. 60fps and Ray Tracing on one side, 30fps on the other: does that make Resident Evil Village a game to forget on Xbox One?

We let you judge this on video. To discover all the rest of Creasy Buscemi’s work on the video side, visit his Youtube channel.

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