Residents rejoice at the transfer of the Bitfarms plant

This change comes three months earlier than originally planned, with the rue de la Pointe cryptocurrency plant due to leave the premises no later than February 28, 2023, in accordance with an agreement signed with the city a year ago. Cryptocurrency activities of Bitfarms are now distributed across three factories located on Joseph-Louis-Mathieu, Léger and de la Garloc streets.

The construction went well, nothing was delayed, so we were able to meet the deadline,” explains Benoît Gobay, senior vice president of the company, manufacturing. We know construction can be tricky sometimes, with all the demands we make on the environment, the applications for permits, the plans that need to be met. I think all the stars aligned and we were able to do it faster.

This departure marks the end of a long battle waged by the inhabitants of the rue de la Pointe sector. Bitfarms has indeed been the subject of numerous citizen complaints and has received several noise-related fines in recent years.

One experienced serious shortcomings from Bitfarms. We are talking about about 500 people who were exposed to these noises.noted, in particular, Marcel Cyr, who spoke out against the noise.

At first it seemed like we had to go. I, I went to everyone and said “you have to defend, you have to fight, hold on, and that’s what happened”adds Robert Gosselin, another resident.

Being around a common cause, it brought us neighbors closernotes Gaetan LaRouche.

Annette Rabi and Gaetan LaRouche are delighted with the move.

Photo: Radio Canada/Ghylaine Charette

We are delighted, this is a really good Christmas present that they give us. »

Quote from Annette Rabi, local resident

The city is learning from the saga

Now that the move is complete, the City of Sherbrooke is learning from the Bitfarms saga.

My analysis is that there was no communication between our various departments when the company arrived in our territory. Everything is done to ensure that this does not happen again. […] We want to assess the risks of harm in advance and make the right decisions accordingly.Mayor Evelyn Boden said.

Factory on the other side of the river.

The Bitfarms cryptocurrency factory on rue de la Pointe has been closed since Wednesday.

Photo: Radio Canada/Ghylaine Charette

The outcome of this case satisfied all parties involved. Bitfarms’ electricity consumption revenue exceeds $10 million a year, which represents a significant profit for the city.

The company also finds an advantage in this, even if the rue de la Pointe episode cost more than a million dollars in mitigation and transportation costs.

Now we can create factories that contain all the sound inside.notes Benoit Gobay.

We are one of the most efficient companies with very good bitcoin production costs. We are here to stay and keep working for the long term. »

Quote from Benoît Gobay, Senior Vice President of Operations, Bitfarms

As for the townspeople, they can now celebrate the restored calm.

According to Mr Gobeil, negotiations with Sherbrooke city officials regarding the old factory on the rue de la Pointe are going well. News about his future is expected to be announced soon.

According to Ghyslaine Sharett.

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