Restaurant Shows Best Year Despite Two Fire and COVID-19

Two arson attacks and a pandemic did not prevent the restaurateurs of Princeville, Center du Quebec, from brilliantly to their feet.

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“The pandemic has become disastrous for many, but we have found solutions,” Jonathan Lamontagne, one of the co-owners of La P’tite Vache canteen, told us. We rolled up our sleeves. We just had the best year in our history. “

At the onset of the pandemic, he and his sister Jessica had just completed a two-year hack following two fires in 2017 that forced the family business to ditch the year-round restaurant formula in favor of a food van in operation only from May to October.

Once the business reorganization began, they had to face another problem related to sanitary regulations that no longer allowed them to function as they used to.

“In March 2020, we still had to turn around,” says Jonathan. I began to come up with a route on our land to drive through it. We managed to make this service available within a few weeks. ”

The success was instant. While the participants were forced to close their doors, the family canteen, recognized for the quality of its Putin, was given complete leeway.

Restaurant Shows Best Year Despite Two Fire and COVID-19

Photo by QMI agency, Frederic Marco

“It was running at full speed,” says the 34-year-old. The demand was high. We managed to find a new clientele with families who didn’t need to get out of the car. Without a pandemic, we would never have had an idea. ”

“We just opened a few weeks ago and things are going crazy,” he added. Besides the bus, many people come to eat at the picnic tables. It is not uncommon to see people who are ready to line up for Putin for an hour on Friday night. It’s incredible! “

But that’s not all. Last fall, the Lamontagne family decided to lease a building in Princeville to sell dishes once offered to the princess, their late restaurant, such as pies and lasagna.

“Someone tried to cut off our heads, set fire to our restaurant, but we turned into a three-headed monster,” said Jonathan Lamontagne.

The mystery remains regarding the fires that became the death knell in 2017 for Princess, a restaurant that has been in the heart of Princeville since 1967.

Two fires that Sûreté du Québec consider criminal are still under investigation. No suspects have been arrested yet.


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