Restigouche-Ouest in turn hit by Covid-19

The infections listed in the last few days affect both adults and children.

– “When the Covid arrived, it was a surprise for us and it is daily,” said Nicole Somers, mayor of the city of Saint-Quentin.

– “It is true that there, it surpasses what one thought to live; we believed that the population was sufficiently vaccinated,” said the mayor of the rural community of Kedgwick, Éric Gagnon.

In the community, the situation is worrying.

– “I take my precautions, I pay attention; I imagine that people are responsible enough to do the same.”

– “I thought like some people that it was not so bad but I realize that after almost two years, it is not better, it is worse.”

Some people still hesitate to get vaccinated.

– “Maybe later but not immediately; I don’t know, I don’t trust the vaccine ”.

– “I’m not and I hope I am … what is happening is quite serious right now.”

The people interviewed seem to be in favor of free choice.

– “I can’t tell you, go ahead, don’t go, that’s personal.”

– “We have the right to have an opinion, we have the right to believe or not in the vaccine, I am a bit neutral on that.”

Vitalité Health Network said that 64% of Saint-Quentin Hospital employees are vaccinated, a statistic that has caused reactions in the community.

– “It is certain that the health system, it is they who should lead by example,” suggested a citizen of Saint-Quentin.

– “Six out of 10 is not much for a place where you can go for treatment,” stressed the mayor of Kedgwick.

– “I think somewhere, it’s a percentage that we shouldn’t have had,” Mayor Somers said of her local hospital.

Covid-19 also affects the school environment. Learning takes place at home in four schools, including three in Restigouche-Ouest. The Marie-Gaétane school in Kedgwick suffered the consequences.

– “We have hundreds of affected students; the Marie-Gaétane school, in primary school from kindergarten to 8 years, out of a total of 185 pupils, 101 are isolated; it is more than half, it is enormous ”, specified the general director of the French Nord-Ouest School District (DSFNO), Luc Caron.

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