Restomod Porsche 911 993 by Paul Stevens is amazing

One of the coolest Porsche 911s released is the 993, and now Paul Stevens has unveiled the Porsche 993R.

The Porsche 993 is the last of the aircooled 911s and has been converted into the stunning 993R.

Porsche 911 993

Like the original Autoart 300R from about 20 years ago, the 993R delivers a more focused driving experience than the original car it was based on. With a welded body, integrated roll cage, combined with fiveway adjustable active suspension and Porsche Motorsport components, the chassis 993 provides an intuitive driving experience.

Porsche 911 993

Weight is reduced to 1190 kg dry and 1220 kg wet, compared to the original 1370 kg for the standard 993 Carrera 2.

With a power of 270 hp. per ton, it has the same powertoweight ratio as the 996 GT3 with its current engine. However, a more piquant variant with 360 hp. offers 295 hp per ton versus 293 hp per ton for the 997 GT3.

Porsche 911 993

While performance is important, the 993R also provides the level of driver comfort you would expect today. The light, minimalist, handcrafted interior is finished with the finest materials, and aluminum is used for all vehicle controls, making the 993R special.

Porsche 911 993

You can find out more information about the Paul Stephens Autoart 993R on the Paul Stephens website at the link below.

Source Paul Stevens, Top Gear

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