Retro Studios is reportedly working on a Zelda spin-off that we didn’t know existed until now.

It was rumored that Retro Studios, creators of the Metroid Prime saga and the upcoming Metroid 4, were involved in Project X, the Zelda game that never saw the light of day. Well, in a video recently published by the famous channel DidYouKnowGaming? (at least 2.37 million subscribers) we are informed that the studio had another project in store related to our dear pointy-eared heroes.

heroes of hyrule

In the 24-minute video we’ve attached below, the people involved in the game, comfortably hidden in anonymity (we already know Nintendo is top secret with these things), reveal a lot of interesting details about Hyrule Heroes, the title in question.

It seems that in this game, defined as rare and strange in some of its decisions, Link will be the old man in charge of the antique shop, and the main role will be given to three characters, each of the Hyrule race: Goron, Zora and Rite. Presumably, the noticeable differences between the races will enrich the gameplay, as already happened in Majora’s Mask, thanks to the Gorn and Zora masks (the feathered Rito will only appear in Wind Waker).

The mechanics had to be consistent with Final Fantasy Tactics, which is scenarios that display the grids we move our characters across in turn-based combat mechanics. As far as we know, this game never made it to the public, and we don’t know if this idea of ​​bringing together the various races of Hyrule was decisive for what would become the Hyrule Warriors sub-series.

The author of the video provides more juicy material on this subject as information is collected. That is, unless Nintendo intervenes first by knocking on your door, frowning and waving old confidential documents. We will be aware of the evolution of the file to keep you updated.

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