Return of hacked webcam blackmail

In 2018, ZATAZ was the first to warn you about webcam blackmail, threats sextortion… A threatening letter from a hacker stating that you took your computer hostage and filmed your privacy. A new massive wave of electronic threats has just been detected.

In June 2018, ZATAZ alerted you to the first massive announcement emails hack your computer… Digital blackmail like sextortion. The author of the threat claims that he has intimate videos of his victims.

At that time, few people and the authorities were serious about this sextort. You will have to wait a few months before read the first warnings government authorities on this matter.

Within a few weeks, several groups of attackers (countries of the East; North Africa; Brazil; Turkey; Israel) rushed to this blackmail. The hackers had nothing in their hands, they played with fear, doubt and little digital secrets of their victims.

Hundreds of people have paid. Some of the arrests are attributed to the French or Canadian police.

An example of a tool used by hackers. Capture:

Stop … or again!

June, July and September 2018, then 2019, 2020 and today, May 2021. We would think that this false hacker scam ended with alerts, various tools to block ISPs and Internet users, arrests.

Except that this blackmail has just been resumed with the use of force. In Quebec, the youngest are especially affected.

In France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland … you were dozens of readers to warn ZATAZ. Everyone received the same letter: “ This is the last warning. Your system has been compromised. All data from your device is copied to our servers. Also, a video was recorded from your camera in which you are watching a porn movie. My virus has infected your device via a recently visited adult website.

The message spread by this new wave of sextortion. Capture:

The letter explains that there were pirates on your computer, hijacking your surfing and videos.

In short, a great classic, but seems to hit the mark again.

Turnkey hacking tool

The hacker uses software offered for sale in a Telegram chat run by a group of Iranian hackers. They don’t play politics, they don’t care who gets trapped. The ultimate goal is to make money. Money that can fuel the local mafia and terrorists.

The tool generates text and especially a bitcoin wallet set up to receive the requested ransom amount.

Amounts range from $ 500 to $ 2,000.

The prices seem to be up to the pirates. This suggests that many warlocks use malware for their extortion.

Database hacked by sextortioning hackers, early June 2021. Snapshot:

Data stolen … but from whom?

Email addresses are taken from several databases (BDD). ” What surprises me underlines the letter from the teacher, I received this message in my professional mailbox. I NEVER use this address.

One of these databases displays 30 million contacts scattered across the planet.

The ZATAZ Watch Service managed to get hold of it while discussing the pirates registered in this telegram. One of them has circulated a database that he advises to use with the tool. The compilation of this type of combo is done through several sources, ranging from pirated use of the site used by netizens, but also through the computer of the contacts of the same netizens. The hacker is interested in having fresh email addresses.

Risk readers received this message in the same email a few hours later. Capture:

Another interesting fact: ZATAZ was able to correlate that some of the addresses to which there was a threat of sextortion, a few hours later received emails from a company called showew |. | Work. A portal promising to earn thousands of euros in cryptocurrency. This strange duplicate affected the address of the teacher and several other readers of ZATAZ.

Risk readers received this message in the same email a few hours later. Capture:

If you want to know if your information (and not just your email address and passwords) is in the hands of hackers, ZATAZ watch service is created for you.

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