Return: PC version of PS5 exclusive gets clearer with great news – Full port

New sign of Returnal coming to PC? A PS5 exclusive has once again been spotted in the SteamDB database with important information. A pleasant surprise for mobile players.

Last May, an exclusive PlayStation 5 Returnal was added to the SteamDB database. And today things are moving again. Announcement soon?

New Returnal port for PC

At the moment, Returnal does not have an official file, so you need to look for information. This is what ResetEra user Mocha Joe did (via VGC). He noticed that the page for Oregon, the game’s codename, has been updated, which could indicate that the announcement will take place this year. When ? We do not know.

But more than the PC version of the Housemarque title that seems to be acquired, this is another interesting discovery. In the files, we can clearly read “Steam Deck Controller Profile”, which means that the software will be compatible with the Steam Deck portable console from the very beginning. And that’s great news because you can enjoy it anywhere, any time of the day.

Caught in an ever-changing world, Selene must explore the ruins of an ancient civilization in order to escape. Left to her own devices, she will have to fight tooth and nail to survive. Again and again she fails, forced to start her journey over again every time she dies.

With the 3.0 update and it’s co-op mode and portability, we should have a good version if there’s performance.

home projects

In addition to this version of Returnal, which does not mobilize the entire studio, Housemarque is working on a new, still confidential IP. And after ? He doesn’t rule out that one day Selena’s journey will resume as part of The Return 2.

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