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From the Matrix to the Terminator: artificial intelligence through the eyes of experts

On April 7, 2022 from 20:30 at La Casemate, the public and experts plunged into the very heart of the matrix for an evening like no other! What do androids dream about? Can a robot cry? Can they ever replace us? Should we be afraid of artificial intelligence? The cult evening will tell about the great classics of films about artificial intelligence and robots!

Can a robot cry?

From Sonny (I-Robot) to Tarsus (Interstellar) through Samantha (Her) or the Matrix, robots and AI alternately remind us, charm us, amuse us, cry or live next to us. Real emotions or simple application of patiently programmed instructions? How does AI work? Can AI be equal to us?

Our First Expert of the Day, Damien Pellier, is Lecturer and Team Leader of Marvin, Artificial Intelligence Applied to Robotics and Intelligent Systems, at the Grenoble Information Laboratory (University of Grenoble-Alpes).

These AIs that wish us well

“I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do it.” From building, ship or space base control to Iron Man armor… VICKI, Mother, Jarvis, HAL don’t always wish us well. Will AI become autonomous one day? What will happen next? Being or creator who will have to use it?

Alexandre Bretel, PhD student in the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (Department of Ethics and IA – MAI) at the Grenoble Institute of Philosophy (UGA) and at the Paris 6 Computer Science Laboratory (Paris 6) has presented for us our life (the future) in the middle of AI.

Animations about artificial intelligence in pop culture and beyond

Between the performances of our two experts, the public tested their knowledge and challenged the machine by taking part in quizzes and blind tests designed by the La Casemate team…

Watch the Cult Party!

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An evening in partnership with Science Animation, Kimiyo, The Dôme, Rotonde and La Casemate.

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