Returnal: difficulty adjusted, DualSense new features … What update 1.4 contains

Game news Returnal: difficulty adjusted, DualSense new features … What update 1.4 contains

In the wake of the editors’ announcements for E3 and its various events, Housemarque Studio has quietly deployed a new patch for Returnal.

While today all eyes are Rivet riveted on Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, the recent PlayStation 5 exclusive that is Returnal continues to update itself. The proof yesterday since Housemarque, the studio behind the title, announced yesterday to deploy version 1.40 of its game. On the program, many adjustments concerning the trophies, but also the addition of haptic feedback for “promote immersion“. In addition, we can note that a line mentions the revision of the difficulty of each biome.. While it is impossible to see anything concrete with such a statement, one would think that Housemarque listened to the complaint of some players that they found the title too difficult.

Returnal has been available on PlayStation 5 since April 30. Update 1.4 will be live on Monday June 14 at 11:00 am French time.

Source: Housemarque

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Complete list of changes

Platinum Trophy

  • Possibility of replaying certain Act I and Act II trophies
  • Irrecoverable trophies are retroactively awarded
  • Added new positions for audio recordings # 9, # 34, # 35, and # 46 to appear more often
  • Fixed a bug where a xenoxlyph was not counted for exploration trophies linked to biomes
  • Fixed an issue that prevented activity cards not showing the correct percentage

User interface and kinematics

  • Item names are now hidden when Selene is shooting
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to assign two actions to a single button.
  • Fixed an issue with audio getting out of sync during secret ending.


  • Balance adjustments to improve the experience
  • Adjustments to stereo settings
  • Added haptic feedback on the DualSense in the cutscenes to promote immersion
  • Added haptic feedback regarding the use of the grapple
  • Improved dynamic range recommendation system
  • Allow users to ignore dynamic range recommendations
  • Possibility to modify the sound output from the game


  • Fixed bugs regarding certain artifacts, parasites, items and malfunctions that could occur in the early days of the game
  • Players no longer receive parasites when their death has been avenged by others
  • Enemies, weapons and bosses: the difficulty of each biome has been revised to provide a more balanced playing experience


  • Fixed a bug where Hyperion’s key was out of range.
  • Fixed a bug that made Ophion invisible if the player used a remaster during combat.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented weapons from being available in biomes after scanning them without picking them up
  • Fixed a bug that saw Selene jumping incredible distances
  • Fixed multiple bugs that prevented Selene from exiting a room
  • Fixed occasional bug with teleporting in Crimson Junk
  • Fixed a drop in FPS when using the Electrobaliser
  • Performance improvements, minor bugs and crash fixes

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