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One of the most anticipated Playstation 5 games of the coming era is Housemarque’s Returnal.

And just under 3 weeks before its release, part of the soundtrack for the game from the Finnish company was released.

Returnal, has recently reached its Gold phase, that is, at that time it will already be distributed in the countries and stores that will sell it. In fact, the game is now available for booking both at these regular outlets and on the PlayStation Store.

Returnal will arrive exclusively on PlayStation 5 on April 30.

He was recently performed by Housemarque as part of Returnal's soundtrack. In this way, the first musical track, The Crash, was revealed, inspired by Selene's forced landing on the planet Átropos.

This musical track and the rest of the soundtrack are the work of Bobby Krlic who, in addition to performing under the stage name The Haxan Cloak, composed the soundtrack for the horror film Midsommar (2019).

Krlic has revealed that he intends to present, in a musical way, a malicious and spooky soundscape that fits the characteristics of Atropos perfectly.

Returnal's album will be released on April 30 along with the game, as part of its Digital Deluxe Edition, and will hit streaming platforms on May 7. The album includes a series of unique mixes created especially by Krlic for this format.

In an interview with the official PlayStation blog, Krlic talks about the inspirations and creative process of this project, which deals with many emotions: “The determination… The sadness, the confusion… A constant threat and a terror that never completely disappears during the game… It's about finding out how all of these things complement each other and, theoretically, putting it all together, but not letting anything move".

Krlic tried to bring out the sense of threat that surrounds Selene throughout the composition, which he says besides being terrifying, also increases the protagonist's strength, one of his most important qualities.

Selene discovering Atropos

Returnal's story begins with our character (named Selene) forced to land on a strange planet: Atropos. Selene is a Greek-American explorer from the ASTRA organization and, disobeying her superiors, finds herself on the planet following a strange transmission signal from the "White Shadow".

Trapped in this strange planet, Selene will have to explore it in search of a way to escape, finding traces of an ancient civilization along the way that can help uncover what is going on in Atropos.

However, living and surviving on this planet is difficult, and time and time again, Selene will be forced to start her journey all over again. Each time he dies, the adventure (cycle) begins again, but… it starts differently.

As we revealed here, with each death the planet Atropos redefines and changes itself, creating an additional layer of challenge for players. Each death causes a change in everything that has happened, and events are unlikely to be repeated on the next reappearance.

The player will even discover their own remains as they progress, helping to understand what is happening on this strange planet.

When it hits stores on April 30, Returnal will offer a Standard Edition, available for $ 79.99, and a Digital Deluxe Edition, available for $ 89.99. Both include, in addition to the title, 2 facts in the game for Selene.

The Digital Deluxe Edition also includes:

  • Electrostack weapon
  • Hollow firing weapon
  • 1 reflex stimulating consumable
  • 1 pulsed mass artifact
  • 1 adrenaline booster
  • Digital soundtrack
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