Returnal, walkthrough: all our tips and advice to get started

News tip Returnal, walkthrough: all our tips and advice to get started

Returnal, the new game from Housemarque, finally arrives exclusively on PS5! This TPS offers a particularly demanding “rogue-lite” type structure and on this occasion, we offer you our advice, tips and tricks to know to approach it in the best conditions.

Exclusive to PlayStation 5, Returnal invites us to follow the adventures of Selene, crushed on Atropos, a mysterious alien planet, where she is desperately trying to join the command of ASTRA. Around her, everything is desolation and the places are terribly hostile. Her suit being intact, she decides to extricate herself from her shuttle and you take her orders to set foot on the ground of this unknown land, where a huge challenge awaits you. We invite you to take stock of everything you need to know to get started in this new exclusive edited by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Getting started in Returnal: tips, tricks, gameplay mechanics

Returnal is a demanding game, which imposes its rhythm and forces the player to concentrate on maximum concentration. But the game of Housemarque is so dynamic that each failure is an opportunity to surpass oneself to go further with each new cycle. To help you in this extraordinary adventure, you will find in our guide to getting started in Returnal various tips to lighten your journey or, at the very least, to make it less punitive:

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