Review Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (mobile)

Bloodstained is coming to mobile

Review carried out on iPhone 12 and iPad Air 4 thanks to a code generously provided by the publisher.

After a well-run Kickstarter campaign, a first release on consoles and PC, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is coming to mobile. The opportunity for us to dissect this new game from Koji Igarashi, the father of Castlevania Symphony of the Night. The mention is important because it is about the same games. Castle full of monsters: check; key powers to recover in order to progress: check; RPG elements with stats and leveling: check; equipment: check; absorb the power of the monsters encountered: check. It still has a lot of common points. At the same time, this is a metroidvania by whoever popularized the genre. In addition, this is an excellent game, although the mobile port is like the other portable version, on Nintendo Switch: released too quickly.

In fact there is only one big problem. A game like Bloodstained Ritual of the Night is played with the controller. And it works… to some extent. You can progress and play, but as soon as you have to go to the menu, you have to touch the screen. Moreover all navigation in the menus is done via the touch screen. It is impossible to do it with the joystick. But that’s not the most annoying. No. There is worse. The palm of the nonsense goes to the touch controls displayed on the screen that it is simply impossible to hide. There is no option in the menu to do this. It is truly scandalous. Any other game worthy of the name has such an option, most of the time, automatic. Considering the time Bloodstained has taken to reach mobile devices, this is simply unacceptable. Because the touch controls take up a good third of the screen, sometimes they are monsters that you do not see or other. In short, a good example of laziness on the part of the developers because this mobile version has already seen several updates. But still no possibility to navigate entirely with the joystick or to remove the touch controls.

The good sides

In Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, we play Miriam, a warrior on her way to a villainous castle to save her friend Gebel. The adventure begins in the boat which must bring it to its destination, and which serves as a tutorial. He is suddenly attacked by a large sea monster who deploys his hordes of lackeys to stop the young woman and her sidekick, Johanes. But she shows her skills and eliminates the surrounding monsters. It is at this time that we discover that she can absorb the powers of enemies like Soma Cruz in Castlevania Aria of Sorrow or Shanoa in Castlevania Order of Ecclesia. This is how we recover all the necessary capacities. Because they are divided into several categories, active by pressing a key, active by holding another, passive (double-jump) and pets.

But once the boat trip is over, you arrive at a hub where you can buy items or equipment, or build them if you have the right ingredients. Then the progression is similar in every way with the 2D Castlevania of the great era. We find the clock tower, the underwater level, the catacombs, etc… We are on familiar ground but it is okay even if a little variety would be welcome.



  • A metroidvania as we like them
  • The variety of equipment and powers
  • The achievement

The lessers

  • The mobile interface impossible to remove
  • Unable to enter and navigate the menus with the joystick on mobile

Final note

7 / 10

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