Review Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

Sora and his troupe go on tour in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

Review made on Nintendo Switch with a code generously provided by the publisher.

While it was believed their adventures ended at the end of Kingdom Hearts III, it was without counting on Kairi’s storytelling skills. Indeed, if Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is above all a rhythm game, its story mode is an opportunity to revisit the different worlds with their associated music and to enjoy a summary by Kairi herself. In the video sequences that punctuate our progress, the heroine describes the stages through which Sora and his companions had to go.

But the first interest of this title lies in its gameplay. As we explained to you after our demo test, Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory invites you to control the actions of three characters as they continuously run. It could be Sora, Donald and Goofy, or even Riku and his dreamcatchers or even Sora, Donald and a guest like Aladdin. Anyway, each level adopts the same principle. Each of the protagonists advances on a given line while the enemies come in front. A target then appears and you have to press the right button at the right time to eliminate them. The team shares the same health bar and the game ends if it drops to zero. In addition, each music is playable in three difficulty levels: beginner, standard or proud. A bit like Guitar Hero, the notes (so the enemies here) are more or less numerous depending on the degree of difficulty. You will therefore need to be precise at all times. In addition, this rhythmic side is reminiscent of other games in the series in the highest difficulty levels that require a certain rhythm to obtain a choreography that allows to eliminate enemies without getting hit.

In Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, each defeated opponent earns points. The counter increases exponentially if you carry out chains or by eliminating several enemies in a row without missing any. Of course, the number of sequences drops to zero if you get hit. At the end of each song you are assigned a rating based on your performance which ranges from SSS to F if you fail.

Various and varied game modes

As Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is not a traditional Kingdom Hearts, it offers different game modes. We have the World Tour which acts as a story mode, the Track Selection which allows you to replay the songs unlocked in the World Tour to try to get a better score, a VS mode to compete against other players and finally a mode coop to play with a friend locally.

Each of the modes offers its own configuration options and the content is therefore very substantial.

Plus, since this title skillfully offers a summary of each adventure, you don’t need to have played every other game in the series to figure it out. It is appreciable for those who prefer rhythm games whatever the universe.

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