Review – Mighty Goose

Since 2019, sympathy for geese has dropped drastically, when YouTube made us realize that Untitled Goose Game was probably taken from real life. Luckily, Mighty Goose might help spruce up their image, featuring a tough goose, armed to the teeth and with a hell of a look (saw his little glasses on his head?).

“Titled Goose Game”

Mighty Goose is a good ol ‘Metal Slug run and gun. We go through linear levels eliminating waves of enemies in our path, as well as a few occasional bosses.

Despite the potential heaviness of our bird’s armor, the character’s movements are exemplary speed and fluidity. Rolling can take us across a large portion of the screen, taking advantage of temporary invincibility. You can also point the rifle down and use the firepower to float in the air. These nervous movements give us the impression of being in control, adding greatly to the pleasure we take in playing them.

The real star of the game is the sound design, pixel art and special effects related to explosions and the impact of bullets. It’s spectacular: the 16-bit arcade look at its best.

To add spice, sometimes we can recover new weapons, much more powerful than your basic rifle, which will disappear once the magazine emptied (like a shoot ’em up). Add to that character upgrades, among which we find a series of powers (double jump, faster movement, etc.), as well as a secondary weapon. You can also choose a companion among those released during the campaign. Each of them offers a bonus function, while fighting by your side. He’s an AI, but can also be replaced by a friend in local co-op.

It is developed by Blastmode, which is mainly composed of Richard Lems, a regular at game jams since 2008. He is above all an artist: we saw his magnificent pixel art in Kunai, a metroidvania from 2019. Mighty Goose is his first Almost single player game, which is even more impressive considering the professional look of the game. If you want to support Richard Lems and his future projects, you can contribute to his Patreon.

More fun than the goose game

Mighty Goose made me feel good. Not only because it was funny and colorful, but above all because of its more than reasonable difficulty. I was able to finish it in two hours without any frustration, since death only visited me a few times. There was always a first aid kit that dropped at the right time, a ready power to decimate enemies onscreen, or a vehicle that I used as a shield. A rare luxury in a retro style pixel art game: forget everything and have fun!

Some will see the virtual absence of challenge as a negative point. For them, a tougher “new game +” mode is unlocked after “finishing the tape” for the first time. It will certainly double the life of Mighty Goose, since this time, you will have to do it a few times to complete each level.

I apologize for its short duration thanks to the variety of its levels: little visual repetition, always new enemies, vehicles or bosses to keep our attention. Mighty Goose is one of the $ 20 games that can be completed in one night, but is fun enough to justify buying. It’s available now on Steam, Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation.

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