Review Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings and Ruin

A bit of Pokémon in this Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings and Ruin

Become one of the most popular franchises among gamers, Monster hunter returns for the second time in 2021 with Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings and Ruin. If you do not know, know that there is no question of hunting monsters in real time as in the last Monster Hunter Rise. Here, and as in the first installment, it is a traditional JRPG with its turn-based combat and its team of players and monsters.

We control a character, girl or boy at the end of the passage in the sacrosanct character editor, with improbable and important destiny. It is therefore a much more linear game than the other titles in the series. In addition, the monster hunt has a direct use here since we can add them to our team by collecting their eggs. Okay, that’s not very ethical, but that’s the game.

As always, we go through the tutorial box. But at least Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings and Ruin has the merit of getting right to the point and not wasting too much time. We are quickly immersed in the adventure and we chain the missions while advancing the common thread of the story. The world is vast, very vast and it will take several tens of hours to see the end of it.

Well-thought-out fights

The great strength of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings and Ruin (to your wishes) is its battles. Both simple and complex, they will require you to be strategic and study enemy behavior in advance. Rather than the original gas plant, MHS 2’s fights are rock-paper-chisel-based. Depending on the behavior of the monster we will attack in a certain way.

In addition, we can perform combined attacks with our team of monsters and defeat enemies that much faster. It’s very pleasant and makes everything very accessible. No need to know the series or even to have played the first.

But that’s not all that influences these games. Indeed, and this is where the knowledge of the experts of the series will help them, the different types of weapon have a direct influence on the fights. Six in number, they’ll have you turning things around in no time. For example, one of the monsters is holding a kind of big rock to hit you in the face. Use a hammer and you will shatter its stone, destabilizing it at the same time. This is clever!

Monster breeding

Capturing and raising monsters is the other strong point of the game. On this side, it looks more like Shin Megami Tensei than Pokémon, each monster being able to evolve thanks to the capacities of another like the fusion of the monsters in the Atlus series.

Once out of their shell, monsters each have nine boxes representing their abilities. Some are not fulfilled and all can be modified according to our wishes. You can therefore personalize your companion to the extreme. There are over 80 monsters to collect. That said, although you can make a fire monster a lightning monster, once you pass a certain level, its original affinity will return. “Chase the natural, it comes back at a gallop” as they say.

High level technique

As usual, and this episode is no exception to the rule, we are facing a very well done game that runs wonderfully whether on Switch or on PC (no announcement for other consoles). The artistic direction is decidedly different, some would say childish, but we get used to it and, even, we adhere to it. The stakes are far from the same and the gameplay no more. No more hunting, tailoring and re-hunting loop. It brings a breath of fresh air to the series and we like it.



  • Hours of play ahead
  • The simplicity of the fights
  • Monster breeding
  • No need to know the series

The lessers

  • A bit long tutorial
  • A slightly cliché story

Final note

8 / 10

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