Review of the Chronicles of The Great Ace Attorney for PlayStation 4

We’ve read the laws of London cover to cover to bring you our review of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.

After more than a month of difference from our first impressions, we’ve reached this point. It has been a long and arduous road, full of twists and turns and deductions… a bit of a mess. But the truth is we can’t say we didn’t have a good time doing this The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles live review. And as it should, we need to tell you a bit about it.

When the ordeal of battle is behind us

Although, well, personally the servant sees a little complex to be able to do it optimally. After all, we are talking about a title in which the narrative plays a big part. How does this translate? Well, in that sense you have to walk with lead feet if you don’t want to reveal more than you should.

After all, the grace of these titles is to gradually disentangle the ins and outs that compose it, bringing out our gray cells in the process. Because, of course, it’s not just about reading. It will read well. And to amaze locals and strangers with your mental speed when it comes to connecting the dots. And that, you don’t want to, we knew how to do it. More or less. But pulling more on the positive side, really.

So, let’s get down to business, what do we have in front of us when we find ourselves in front of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles? Well, a great game, clear and simple. I would love to tell you if this is the paragon of the saga, but the truth is that I lack information for this, since it is one of the first that I play (I had only released in this aspect than with the Layton crossover).

Although it even gives me to tell you some things that can be very useful to you, whether you are new to the saga or veterans of the saga. First of all, the game didn’t seem complex to me at all. It may be that in others the question of finding the key in cases was really complicated, of those in which you really don’t know why to use one test or another.

Here, however, I have not encountered this feeling of “not knowing what to do” repeatedly. The tests are there, and that’s 50% of the whole. The other is done by our ability to weave them with the accusations that we defend ourselves or make. Perhaps, at the most, I could say that the latter cases force you to shoot very, very well.

And it is that the twists and turns they hide upset everything. It is curious to see this “rise” in difficulty in the last chapters, as well as their duration. However, at all times it is rated as something the game prepares you for from the start, which is appreciated.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time facing a game of this style. In general I can say that he has a difficulty curve that goes up very satisfactorily, being also very sympathetic to new players. Without a doubt, it’s safe to say that this looks like a magnificent front door for those who want to give this saga a taste, but don’t really know how to go about it.

Recall, after all, that these titles are several centuries before the events of Phoenix Wright, so apart from a little wink for the more veterans (the tutorial has this prosecutor with glasses that you will all fondly remember, for example) , it is not a game that is only made for regulars of the franchise.

Here I am the law

Focusing a little more on what these two games have to offer, it’s safe to say that it doesn’t reinvent too much of the formula we’re used to. We have, as in other adventures, phases of investigation and outcomes, which take place in court. The truth is that at first these two elements seemed divided.

By that I mean that of the different chapters we had, one, in principle, was entirely devoted to the court, while another seemed 100% focused on its more “detective” side. It left a sense of continuity which I honestly don’t know if it would have worked dividing the chapters like this.

Fortunately, it seems to have only been used like this at first, in order to “tutor” both slopes, forcing you to stick to each other’s couplet appropriately. By this I mean that after this point the chapters merge the two concepts together, showing these two elements not in equal parts, but giving more than good variety to the whole chapter.

And it is that this investigation has a new element to underline (yes, I will not have played other titles, but something of which I inquired, for who do you take me, guilty). We’re no longer just talking about collecting clues on stage. Now it will be time to do the same with people. ” that person? Well, whoever has to “unmask” during these phases.

You will see, in this opus a secondary luxury makes its appearance. Seriously, he’s a gorgeous, favorite character from the first minute. The thing is, next to it, we will have “deduction” phases. Thus, this character will bring charges against x person, where we will see him react to such statements in one way or another.

Our work here? Okay, to channel these deductions a little, which sometimes fail more than a fairground shotgun. Thus, we will have to examine the “defendants” from different angles as if they were an incriminating exhibit in a trial, highlighting elements that seem out of place in order to find the truth behind a mask of justice. lies.

Sounds silly, sure, but it does, as they say, offer more variety if possible to the whole game, which is appreciated and greatly appreciated.

More people, more problems

Along with that, we would find another new element in the jury. The trials would now be crowned by a group almost as colorful as the defendants and the witnesses themselves.

But what happens when there are a lot of people in court? Well it turns brown. And this happens more than it seems. You will now see, in addition to convincing the judge of your innocence, you will have to do the same with these little characters. And the truth is that partial, which is said to be partial, does not appear.

This new mechanic is a lot of fun, since we will have to refute these good people to add them to our case to discredit the prosecutor a little more … and what does it say when we can throw two members of the jury into a fight? ! Pure gold, I’m telling you already. Although, as a complaint, I can say that their timing is becoming very predictable.

As soon as you make the first try, you know how they will act in the second, all in order to exploit the mechanics that invite you to question them further. Yes, their motives will be different, but you already know that they are going to look bad at you from the start. It takes some grace away from the thing, in my opinion (even though good, the thing in the end is still going to come out not guilty, right?)

A more than diverse group

From all of this we can draw one clear thing: we are very happy that these kinds of people are not really free on the streets. This brings us to the point that, again, we have a cast of characters each more colorful. In the case of characters with more weight in the story, for their part, this affirmation is reaffirmed … and what is better, it makes us love everyone even more.

Seriously, everyone has a “something” that makes them want to know more and more about them. They don’t get heavy at all and each has its own personal charm. Yes, whether they are on the side of the “good guys” or the “bad guys”. As a special mention, of course, I mention the detective mentioned above. Best of all, my hand doesn’t shake when I write it.

In terms of design, no two are usually the same. We are in one more London in the midst of the industrial revolution. And that permeates the costume design of our characters and sets. Other than that, in the concept of testing and the like, that element isn’t that noticeable, filling the gap with a whimsical element of steampunk that came out of the sleeve.

If we talk about designs, these have a little facelift to be seen more easily on the new consoles, seeing a big leap from the 3DS, although this is not the pinnacle of graphics, everything is said. The constant reuse of phrases and the like doesn’t help too much, but fans of the saga will certainly appreciate it.

As for the sound, we have some very good songs, which blend perfectly in the moments of greatest tension in the game, with the use of sound effects from the saga. In return, I think we can talk about dubbing. It only shines in a few scenes, and the truth is, while being a staunch supporter of Western dubbing, the level of English in this case strikes me as far below Japanese. Sounds a bit reluctant, to be honest.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Review Conclusions

In short, we are facing a very complete title of the saga. And we are so sorry that he arrived in perfect English without a good translation into our language. Still, if that doesn’t put you off, don’t hesitate. If you love the games from this saga, this will undoubtedly be a great addition to your catalog, giving you hours and hours of fun, script twists and endearing characters.

If, on the contrary, you want to try it for the first time, also know that it is just as recommended, as long as you take into account the title you have in hand and what you expect from it.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles cover review

Review of the Chronicles of The Great Ace Attorney for PlayStation 4

We like

The charisma of all the characters

The variety offered by both the jury and the deduction parties

The twists and turns of the script that the game offers us

it can be better

The one who comes in perfect English

Graphically not at its peak, so to speak

Some mechanics become quite predictable

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