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A little less than a year after its official release, Wasteland 3 welcomes its first additional content called The Battle of Steeltown. Enough to reconnect for about 4/5 hours with this very good post-apocalyptic tactical RPG, which is now expanding with a few weapons, quests and additional characters.

Before going any further, be aware that access to the DLC is subject to two restrictions. The first of these is to be the leader of a level 9 squad (although level 11 is recommended for the new zone). The second is not to have reached the point of no return of the main quest: you will therefore have to make sure beforehand that you have a previous save at this level of the storyline. If you meet these prerequisites, once you set foot on the game’s main map, you will be contacted by your vehicle’s radio and tasked with traveling to the town of Steeltown, whose main factory is clearly dysfunctional. since it has not produced anything for a few weeks. As a Ranger, you will have to go to the scene and try to see what is going on there.

Choices and more choices

Once you arrive on the scene, you will understand that a multitude of people are standing by in front of the factory, which has not opened its doors for weeks. The families of the workers who work there have no news of their relatives and your first step will be to enter the premises, in a rather burlesque way, quite in the tone of the crazy universe of the game. All the crossing of and of its factory will be above all a matter of choice. Indeed, the teams of InXile seem to have wanted again to make Steeldown a universe which involves the player’s morals and which will react accordingly. The most obvious example remains to know if you will side with the strikers or with the security guard who manhandles them, which will have drastic consequences on the whole adventure. These choices, very marked or more subtle, are scattered all over the DLC which therefore offers its share of replayability.

A reinforced tactical dimension

But besides the rather cool story, which comes with a generous amount of dialogue, always so well written, and tough choices, The Battle of Steeltown also comes with a new robotic bestiary, new weapons and some combat mechanics that add a tactical overlay to base game clashes. Indeed, to stop the strike movement, the methods can be radical in Wasteland, but it is still recommended that you try to use non-lethal weapons. However, these energy weapons have a particularity: they only knock out your opponent once ten charges of ammunition have accumulated on the target. This therefore makes you particularly vulnerable and forces you to have great mobility to try to knock out the workers, unless of course you choose to settle the conflict in the blood.. Also note that energy shields can be thrown by your opponents, the latter offering important protection to your targets, but can be broken if you hit them at the right time with the right weapon.

This little tactical overlay is rather welcome in SteelTown, since in addition to serving the gameplay, it serves the narration and further strengthens the many choices offered by this DLC., which despite everything remains quite short, despite a good replayability and also sometimes buggy. We haven’t always managed to complete some side quests, and there are still a few visual bugs lurking here and there, where the base game experience didn’t show as much. Is this a reason to sulk his pleasure? No, definitely not, and if you are a fan of Wasteland 3, you should largely find something you like with Steeltown.

The notes

+Good points

  • A pleasant and well-written story
  • Many choices with real impacts
  • New tactical options in combat

Negative points

  • Rather short (allow between 3 to 5 hours)
  • Some sometimes annoying bugs

With his new quests, the proliferation of choices with strong consequences, his new weapons and new ideas that bring a tactical overlay to the confrontations, Steeltown does what is expected of him: to deliver an experience in the right lineage of Wasteland 3. We would undoubtedly have liked a more finished product, free of bugs that hang out here and there or a slightly longer story, but fans of the original game should easily find their account in this expansion.


June 09, 2021 at 19:41:31 players

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