Review – Within the Blade

Within the Blade or the little bandit cutting manual

Taking place in feudal Japan in the grip of countless civil wars, Within the blade puts you in the shoes of a Shinobi, a particularly agile and formidable ninja. Your goal is to end the reign of Mamoru Imai, a warlord of an enemy clan possessed by a demon from the old days.

After a short sequence which teaches you the main controls of the game – namely the jump, the double-jump, the run on the walls and the attack with the katana – you arrive in what will serve as “hub”, the village. In this location, you can change weapons or craft new ones using the crafting which consists of combining two objects. We stay in the simplicity and it’s perfect like that.

The complexity of Within the Blade is indeed elsewhere. Once out of the village, you go hunting for bandits in order to learn more about the opposing clan and how to defeat it. So we are going to cut a bandit using our saber, jump from platform to platform and run on the walls to reach new heights. Each defeated enemy drops resources, be it money or ingredients for it. crafting. Everything goes very quickly and the pitfalls are numerous. We must therefore show good reflexes if we do not want to die stupidly.

Seeing Within the Blade, it’s hard not to think of The Messenger from the Quebec studio Sabotage. Both have almost the same theme, both are in pixel art although Within the Blade seems a little less worked at this level, both are inspired by the games Shinobi and Ninja warrior. Of course, Sabotage does not have a monopoly on this universe, but The Messenger still seems more polished than its competitor.

Within the Blade is available now on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S / X.

Review carried out on Switch with a code provided by the publisher



  • Very fast and nervous
  • Boss fights

The lessers

  • A universe much better exploited in The Messenger
  • A little rude on pixel art

Final note

6 / 10

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