Revolut: a very important change for cryptocurrencies

Revolut is announcing a big novelty in its cryptocurrency buying service. Next week, it is very likely that the establishment will publish a statement to its clients, Metal (the most complete formula of its proposals) to inform them of very good news.

Until then, Revolut did not offer cryptocurrency buying services and a wallet as complete as what can be found on Coinbase or Binance and ZenGo. Although buyers own the digital tokens they buy on the platform, they cannot move them elsewhere.

Next Thursday, according to our brothers and sisters AltFiRevolut is expected to inform its customers that the new beta feature allows them to withdraw their bitcoin funds in order to move them elsewhere. English-language media draw their conclusions from a blog post mistakenly published by a neobank on the topic and then deleted. A Revolut spokesman would confirm the announcement date Thursday, May 6.

Cryptocurrency problem on Revolut

It doesn’t seem reasonable to offer clients withdrawals from the platform. However, this could have allowed the Revolut to weigh a lot more. Its current system is only of interest to novice investors and discourages the most experienced, who want to have the freedom to choose where to store their funds, to be able to easily exchange them, and not be based on a platform that is contrary to the principles of decentralization. And open cryptocurrency. …

Revolut offers an ever-growing selection of tokens. Despite the fees charged by the platform, it is nonetheless an application that can be interesting enough for cryptocurrencies. The new system for withdrawing and transferring funds should be done in three clicks, but at first this will only apply to bitcoins.

“We are starting with Bitcoin, but in the near future we will add more tokens and update”, wrote the brand in its deleted blog post. With the development of cryptocurrency, neobank has seen many of its users begin investing heavily in its cryptocurrency buying service, making it a real source of income for its business model. In the first week of January alone, they had 100,000 new customers.

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