Revolut Hack: Everything You Need to Know

Revolut has confirmed the incident on its network. Data was stolen, but account passwords and money were not affected.

Now is a good time to check your inbox to see if you have received any mail from Revolut. A young Lithuanian neobank that was recently able to provide the same services as a traditional bank has been the victim of a computer hack. Personal information may have been extracted. Here’s what you need to know.

When did the Revolut hack happen?

The incident happened in September 2022. 11th, according to information from the Bleeping Computer website. The attack was detected in time and localized the next morning, on the 12th, TechCrunch found out for its part. However, the publication of information took several days: the first articles on this topic appeared only on September 19th.

How many Revolut customers have been affected?

The company did not give an exact figure to find out the extent of piracy. He delivered only a percentage: the incident affects 0.16% of his customers.

This seems very low, but you should compare this value with the total number of people using the service. Revolut demanded 20 million in July 2022, which is 32,000 victims. Bleeping Computer puts forward a slightly higher number (50,150) based on a notice sent to the Lithuanian Cnil. This remains quite low (0.26% of the total).

In September, the Revolut service faced a security incident. // Source: Revolut

What data was revealed by Revolut?

According to the Lithuanian regulator responsible for personal data, the attack could have affected the name, first name, postal address, email address, phone number, some account information and some payment card information. According to Revolut, the extent of the leak varies from account to account.

What about account money?

Revolut claims that the nature of the hack prevented account funds from being compromised. It is clear that today one cannot regret the fraudulent access to clients’ money. The passwords were also not revealed. Other information remained unavailable, the company claims, such as the secret code of a bank card.

Are the French affected by the incident?

Revolut does not report the geographic distribution of customers affected by this hack. If you are concerned, you should have received an email from Revolut. Check your spam box if necessary. You can also contact support to confirm the status of your account.

What are the risks ahead?

The most immediate risk going forward is that phishing operations will flourish in an attempt to lure insecure account holders into a trap. Calls, text messages or emails will no doubt try to impersonate Revolut to make it look like a legitimate request to access money from accounts. Double your vigilance.

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