Rhythm Sprout test on Switch

Rhythm Sprout, in addition to the name contributing to the bad puns of the franchouillards, is a musical game with a hero named Sibu and an onion head. Developed by SURT, the game puts you on a mission to protect the plant kingdom, which is threatened by the sugar empire.

You are cute but you do too much

So yes, if you say so, the story seems wacky and quite simple. Having received the controller in hand, we quickly realize that the game is quite verbose. All texts are in French. There is too much dialogue between levels. The scripting effort is commendable, but utterly unsuitable for a rhythm game, despite the many easter eggs present here. Luckily, you can skip all of these interludes if you need to.

In terms of production, Rhythm Sprout doesn’t change anything, but it turns out to be nice and colorful. Artistic direction, cartoonish and cute, quite pleasant. No animation issues, no switch overheating.

The sound aspect here is, of course, the most important. If none of the tunes match the official and well-known name, some of them are clearly reminiscent of it. Despite the rather electro initial focus, the variety and quality is ok. There is something for every taste and for every ear. Synchronization with required actions is as relevant as it is excellent.

And you beat, beat, beat…

Because let’s move on to the gaming system. Rhythm Sprout travels alone. The colored bricks scroll across the screen at different speeds or in different sequences depending on the music used. Each action, i.e. each keystroke, advances Cibou along the path of its mission.

Getting the right pressure at the right time can have two possible consequences, depending on the color and type of space: increase score and level performance, or protect you from enemy attack. While missed score-related hits will not have an immediate effect, the second type of foul will cause Sibu’s life bar to drop and may result in a game over.

There are quite a few levels. So the replay value basically seems to be very good. But, unfortunately, the game never brings any real novelty beyond its original concept. Fatigue creeps up, despite the Turbo and Mirror modes.

Always pop, never on top

However, the main problem with Rhythm Sprout lies elsewhere. Its difficulty curve is very poorly balanced, with a dizzying climb halfway through. You can also play in beginner mode, where all the keys are the same color, but then there is frankly less fun.

Walking the Rhythm Sprout for the first time will take you three to four hours. Viewing the title is a pleasure without leaving unforgettable memories. The defects mentioned above also do not cause much desire to return to it. For a game that still sells for twelve euros and therefore flirts with the AA price range, the bill is a bit overpriced.

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