Rings of Power: Series Launch Breaks Prime Video Audience Record –

Amazon Prime Video’s The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power has started off with a bang. The long-awaited new adaptation of works by fans Tolkien attracted more 25 million viewers in the world to run it on the streaming platform this Friday, September 2nd.

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An audience from all over the world gathered to discover first two episodes a series. Thus, Rings of Power becomes “Amazon Prime Video’s biggest launch”, which is not surprising, given the heavy communication carried out by the American giant and the colossal sums invested in the project. For comparison, the launch of “House of the Dragon” in the United States was watched by 10 million people.

We remind you that Amazon paid several $250 million restore rights to adaptation and 465 million in production for the first season. Five seasons are currently planned, with a second already in production and set to begin filming soon in the United Kingdom.

Please note that a new episode will be broadcast every week. until the end of the first season on October 14.

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