Risen: RPG returns from the dead on PS4, Xbox One and Switch

THQ Nordic is currently preparing the comeback of the Gothic series with a highly anticipated remake that only showed a few images. Aware of the popularity of Piranha Bytes games among a certain audience of rough RPGs, the publisher also thought it was a good idea to bring the Risen series back to the fore. On the other hand, the facilities put in place will not be the same as for the Gothic, since we are here in front of a simple port.

Minimum alliance for this portage

If you’ve taken on two episodes of the Elex series (you’re eligible), you might be interested in what the studio was able to produce prior to this new license. Therefore, the very first Risen will soon return to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch with a port due on January 24, 2023. Not on PC as it is the same version already available on the platform.

This release promises to provide more decent gameplay support with an updated user interface. The rest of the game will remain the same (it’s not being sold as a remaster, after all) with a large open world to explore and plenty of quests to complete for dozens of hours.

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