Risitas: The most infectious laughter on the internet has died out

Personality news Risitas: The most infectious laughter on the internet has died out


True icon of the forums, Juan Joya Borja – alias Risitas – had been hospitalized for several months. Despite the mobilization to help him, the Sevillian died yesterday at the age of 65.

We told you about it a few weeks ago, the Cutface initiative had raised more than 14,000 euros thanks to crowdfunding, to help Juan Joya Borja. Indeed, the Spaniard had to undergo a leg amputation following vascular problems. The prize pool had paid for his treatment at the hospital, offered him an electric wheelchair, and a share of the sum had been paid to him.

The man passed away yesterday at the age of 65, a death that moved a large part of the online community, particularly in France.

As a reminder, the man had achieved international notoriety after this excerpt from a television show where he tells an anecdote from his period as an employee as a diver in a restaurant went viral, thanks to his very infectious laughter. . The famous “ISSOU” that we could find everywhere, starting on our forums.

The man had promised to come to France, thank those who had participated in the pot of Cutface. Unfortunately, Juan Joya Borja will not have the opportunity. Our hearts go out to his loved ones, and to all those who may have been moved by his passing.

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