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Faced with the often draconian changes in our habits caused by COVID-19, the psychological impact on the population was felt. The Resilience Rive-Sud project was created to try and lighten souls.

This pilot public awareness and mobilization project was designed with the aim of preventing disasters and strengthening mutual aid among citizens.

One of the goals of Resilience Rive-Sud is to educate people about the possible consequences of the pandemic on their mental health and to promote their resilience in relation to themselves in such a context.

Thus, as part of a project created by the Table de Conceration en santé mine de la Rive-Sud and the Longueuil Agglomeration Sustainability Subcommittee, a website has been created where their services are offered to everyone. “The website has several tools, a moral scale for answering the question ‘How are you today? ”, A map of resources available to those who need them, a quiz or even joint workshops called“ The ABC of Overcoming Difficulties ”. crisis, ”project manager Marie-Yves Langlois explains to the newspaper.

Master classes are offered free of charge. “These workshops are hosted by Zoom or in person to encourage people to share their experiences. To participate, simply register on the site. We limit workshops to eight people to encourage interaction for everyone. The duration of the meeting is 2:30. “

The project, which saw the light of day on March 20, seems to have good attendance at events that sell out regularly. “There is a demand,” explains Ms. Langlois. I can see that those present are happy to share their feelings, which range from loneliness to the fear they are currently experiencing. “

Through the various topics discussed there, people are discovering tools to help them implement resilience strategies to better live their daily lives.

Community mobilization
Resilience Rive-Sud also wants to ensure the mobilization of key players in the community. They will be knowledgeable about mental health issues and will be trained by Carrefour le Moutier as Guardians.
What is a Guardian? He is a citizen who, when faced with the misfortune of others, deep down wants to play an active role in society. Its role is to support people in distress while they wait for help, such as first aid, to take over.

#StrongerWhy Thinking
#Morefortsquonpense is the campaign hashtag and the name of a series of humorous capsules illustrating life situations in which our ability to resist can be used.
We can see the actors, Caro and Sylvain, who are trying to cope with some imperfect situations that suddenly replace each other.

Finally, the community organizations that make up the steering committee of this project are: l’Arc-en-ciel des Seigneuries – a mental health support group, the Association of Parents and Friends of a Person with a Mental Illness, Rive-Sud (APAMM-RS) and Carrefour le Moutier.

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