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With Exilé de l’Aube, François Rivière de Corps wreaks havoc with lousy keyboards and nasty drum machines… and resets the brain for the worse with a musical tragedy in six acts.

Originally from Troyes and based in Strasbourg, Rivière De Corps, aka Adrien Clerjot, is not his first attempt. After Blood and Horn (2018) and Everything Is Chaos (2020), his new film Exilé de L’Aube completes the trilogy. Saturation follower, river Corps offers six new games that are part of a dark line that mixes feelings of desperation and painful introspection. Call it what you will – Darkwave or Dungeonsynth – his music, made up of crappy keyboards and hideous drum machines, is subject to verbal spells spiced with healing effects.

Banished from the dawnAt the first sounds and chords of La Cure, we are projected into an ominous world that would bring tears to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Synths walk around with fear in their stomachs, a leash around their necks, and follow a song that tells stories it’s better not to know about. La Flesh Salée, named after the dragon of Troyes, responds to tragic incantations, buzzing sounds emerge to make the rhythmic and pulsing construction end in a ghostly bass wave. Interrogation against the background of a clicking car, redemption ends with the arrival of Animal Factice, to the sounds of a synthetic bass with a saving melodic line, in the line of an alienated Perturbator.

In L’incident du Sang Vicié Rivière De Corps mistreats the organs in an ode to evil ghosts composed of sly and catchy melodies. With the help of his friend Cheb Sameer in Diablo, A. Clerjo creates noise that occurs with degenerate electronic tricks. Finishing the album, Mon Trou plunges the listener into the abyss, from which liberation will come with synthetic waves.

Rivière De Corps plays some great oppressive compositions that are best opened at night in the bunker.

Mathieu Marmillau

Corpus River – Banishing Dawn
Labels: Grande Rousse records and Wave to the Soul
Release: October 7, 2022

Rivière de Corp – Exiled from the dawn of the Rivière de Corp

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