Road 96: Digixart teases potential DLC

By letting us live through the real epic last year, Road 96 is once again getting people talking about it through their social media. The journey that allowed you to follow a group of teenagers determined to escape a totalitarian regime is not yet over.

New desert crossing

Posted on Twitter on January 20 by Digixart, a new image of the game Road 96 has been made public and does not appear to match any of the locations visited in the main campaign of the adventure.

As stated during our interview with the creative director of Road 96 during AGFD last year, the arrival of Montpellier-based studio Digixart to PLAION (formerly Koch Media) allows the latter to look at things broadly: the potential appearance of an expansion or even a sequel, so not very surprising.

Despite this rather cryptic posting, no other information about this new upcoming content has yet been released, although the studio’s responses in the comments to their post seem to lean more towards the upcoming DLC ​​rather than the sequel itself.

As a reminder, Road 96 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch.

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