ROB S600: for sale is a robot lawn mower that walks in the rain

Best Rob S600 Robotic Lawnmower at Amazon Discount Price – Amazon

Why choose the ROB S600 robot lawn mower?

The robot lawnmower makes life easier. Really. This guarantees a well-groomed lawn in any weather and does not require any investment on your part. You don’t even have to press the power button as everything is programmable. The grass blades are cut evenly, the edges are neat, and you will be able to fully enjoy your garden as soon as the good weather returns. The ROB S600 automatic mower mows lawns up to 600 m2. If your ground is uneven and littered with slopes and small bumps, this robotic lawnmower will still get the job done. It is designed to climb slopes up to 35% on its own and works even in the most uneven gardens.

Thanks to the intelligent cutting system, the mower adapts to the growth of your lawn. Choose from a variety of programs for the desired cut and switch between day mode, night mode, spiral cutting or special tall grass cutting. The ROB S600 mower has built-in collision avoidance sensors to prevent accidents and damage. She glides between flowerbeds, skirts bushes and makes her way between garden furniture. Three rotating razor-sharp steel blades guarantee excellent cutting results.

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Robotic lawnmower: one tool, many benefits

The robot lawn mower relieves a little of the mental burden. No need to worry about your garden and its maintenance, this autonomous robot will take care of everything. The autonomous mower is also quiet. It does not disturb the peace of family life and does not disturb the neighbors with increased noise levels, as when using thermal mowers. At just 60 decibels, the ROB S600 is almost inaudible. Finally, with the robotic lawn mower, there is no more grass collection in the program, you can practice mulching and leave the cut blades of grass on the lawn. They will fertilize the soil and provide your garden with valuable nutrients.

The McCulloch ROB S600 robotic lawnmower has its own mobile application where you set up cutting programs that are transferred to the device via a Bluetooth connection. As for settings, the cutting height can be adjusted from 20 to 50 mm. Cutting width 160 mm. The robotic lawnmower has an alarm system and is secured with a PIN code to prevent theft. With the purchase you get a charging station, 1 guide cable 150 meters and 1 connection kit. Simple and fast, the robotic lawnmower offers real comfort of use compared to a corded mower, a heat mower or a tractor mower. Once in your garden, there will be no going back. Want to enjoy a pleasant garden without the hassle of mowing? The McCulloch ROB S600 robot lawnmower costs €764.14 instead of €899.99 on Amazon.

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