Robert Kiyosaki says canned tuna is a better investment than gold or bitcoin

“Best investment: cans of tuna,” he said.

“Inflation is about to pick up. The best investment is canned tuna and white beans in tomato sauce. You cannot eat gold, silver or bitcoin. » – Robert Kiyosaki

“Food is the most important thing,” he continued. “Hunger is the next problem. Invest in a solution. »

The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad probably thinks canned tuna is a good investment because it has a shelf life of several years, is cheap and takes up little cabinet space so it can be bought in bulk and investors can open their boxes if inflation pushes food prices to unaffordable levels.

Kiyosaki has previously called household items a smart investment when prices are skyrocketing because consumers can buy them now and store them instead of paying significantly more for them in the future.

“The BEST INVESTMENT could be storing things you will always use like toilet paper, trash bags, cans, frozen food,” he tweeted in March 2022.

The personal finance guru has been sounding the alarm about asset prices, inflation and a possible recession for months now.

For example, he warned of a historic bubble in stocks, real estate, oil and commodities in March. He also raised the possibility of economic depression and hyperinflation.


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