Roblox in bad shape with $ 200m lawsuit

The National Music Publishers’ Association has filed a lawsuit against Roblox, the popular MMOF2P game, for “illegal use of songs by many artists”.

According to Variety, NMPA chairman David Israelite protested, mentioning that Roblox makes “hundreds of millions of dollars by forcing players to pay every time they upload a song to the platform.” The game would take advantage of the lack of knowledge of young people about copyright and this, without taking any action against users who violate these rights … repeatedly.

Among the artists affected, we can among others include Ariana Grande, Imagine Dragons, deadmau5, Ed Sheeran and even the Rolling Stones.

This lawsuit for damages for the shameless exploitation of music without the proper licenses is also intended to force Roblox to review its obligations and take action against the exploitation of licensed music. That songwriters be fully paid for their works on the platform.

With a market capitalization of $ 52 billion and with over 42 million daily active players, Roblox must stop avoiding paying music creators!

David Israelite, President of NMPA

In addition, it would appear that Mr. Disraelite, during the annual meeting of the NMPA, also announced that Amazon Twitch, despite its ongoing withdrawal program, was in the sights for the same reasons.

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