Roblox: the creator open to a Switch release Switch-Actu

Portages Switch of the most popular multiplayer games of the moment (Apex Legends, Fortnite …) are successful, but our hybrid console still lacks one of its main titles: Roblox. Realizing this issue, and while the studio behind the game has nothing to announce at this time, the director of this game, David Baszucki, spoke about a possible port to the console of Nintendo following a question asked by an investor. For him, a version Switch would do “absolutely meaning“. Here is his full statement on it:

… In the absolute long term, the Switch, the Playstation, and [l’Oculus] Quest – a port to all of these platforms would make absolutely sense for Roblox. What you are seeing right now is an incredible focus from us on smartphones, which we believe are a difficult platform, arguably the most difficult for the immersion that we are looking for, but they would all be boring. – logical forms. However, we won’t be delivering any release dates on these at this time.

For those who don’t know what it is, Roblox is a game, or rather a game editor, intended for children and adolescents. It makes it possible to find on a centralized platform an almost infinite number of games created by the community and therefore encourages the creativity of children, who go from players to creators. In fact, a number of genres are available on the platform (tycoons, obstacle course, shooting simulations, escape games): real little nuggets have flourished thanks to the title, which financially rewards the creativity of the most popular creators by paying them a share of the transactions in-game.

The Roblox Trailer

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